SaveMemory is an inheritable, loss-free digital storage service for your child

The memories that you store in SaveMemory could be easily delivered to your children even at a sudden moment by photo, video, audio, file, text messages.

SaveMemory is unique from other storage clouds and Hard disks

SaveMemory is solely intended to help parents store their precious memories/ records about their children. These informations will be passed to your children by SaveMemory. Besides, there is no fear of loss/contamination of the information.

The process of SaveMemory is centered around a User, Inheritor(s) and SaveMemory

The user will save various records to SaveMemory for the inheritor(s). The user will let the inheritor(s) know of these records. In the future, if the inheritor(s) contacts a representative of SaveMemory and asks permission to view the records, SaveMemory will grant access to the inheritor(s) after seeing an official document (eg: relationship certificate).

Our goal is to provide a platform where you can store your life’s special moments and revisit them any time and from anywhere.

The memories that you create SaveMemory can be left to your loved ones later on; because every special memory is like a fingerprint, unique, and deserves to be shared with those special people in your life, even if you can’t be there to share it with them.

Besides, maybe you want to have a deep conversation with your child, but they are too young? Then you can leave all your words for them to read when they grow older.

SaveMemory also hopes to be a place where you can store sensitive information. If you feel threatened by political, economic, religious groups, etc. then you can keep your records here where they will be protected and kept safe.

We hope you can use our app to securely write down everything you’ve ever wanted to say in a safe and protected place.

Customer Stories

I am a father of one child. I keep a lot of images, videos and other information related to my child in SaveMemory. Savememory is unlike other famous cloud services which my child can't remember his ID and password, and I won't be able to open it if something happens suddenly in the distant future. Besides, there is a probability that the computer hard disk and external hard drive will be lost or lost. But Save Memory is secure and my son can see everything that I saved for him for the rest of the day.
I am an UN soldier from USA working in Syria. Most of the times, my life is at a high risk of death. I don’t get enough chances to meet or contact my parents and my wife and kids. I wish I could share everything with them right now face to face that I feel about me and them. But it is impossible for me. Therefore, I use SaveMemory to record my memories, thoughts and life situations for my family to know just in case anything happens to my life.
I am Janet from France. Currently, I am staying in Canada doing my studies. I often miss my parents and siblings. I wish I could be with them and enjoy my life. Life here is not very easy for me. This makes my parents get worried every time. So they suggested me to use SaveMemory so that I can record everything that happens in my life every day. They will get to know my records if anything happen to me.
My name is George. I am a social activist. I am in a great conflict with my government because I question the injustice that happens in the society. My life is under a great threat. Anything can happen to me at anytime. Therefore, I write down all the issues that I face now on my SaveMemory account. If anything happens to me, my family and friends get access to my SaveMemory account and know what exactly happened to me. If they wish, they can use this information legally and fight for their rights and know the truth.
I am an Asian working in South Korea. I do a dangerous job. I don’t know what will happen to me any time. I use SaveMemory to keep the records of my memories, jobs including payment details. If anything happens to me while working, my family will get access to my SaveMemory account. They will see all of my memories and other records that I stored for my wife and children.
I am an Actress. Often I am sexually harassed by my colleagues. I find it weird to even tell my family right now. I can’t even complaint to police. I am very much scared of these people. They are very strong. But I wish my family would know them once if anything bad happens to my life. I record all these things in SaveMemory.

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